About us

  • we are experts in market research and strategic marketing
  • we provide market research + analysis + proposals
  • we have been here for  26 years
  • more than  1000 clients
  • 6 international teams 
  • 50,000 data (secondary themes)
  • 3 data centers
  • more than 8,500 projects
  • over 30,000 researches

Kofola, ŠKODA Auto, SONY, Esprit, Brit, Lease Plan, Oriflame, Čepro, Drogerie TETA, Dorotheum, Benzina, Isover, Paramo, Benzina, SCANquilt 
  • What is it in which NEUBERT Marketing & Co. differs?

    • Company's history and experience in many various fields: 25-year market presence
    • High-level expertise : expertise in excess of widely encountered basis – we have our own data comparing & summarizing computation models
    • 6 international teams of inquirers & analysts - Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania (+ partner agencies that cover other countries)
    • Particular conclusions  and practical recommendations
    • Technologies: work with the state-of-art information technologies to analyze behavior and models

Example of what our customers demand: 

  • In need to to find out the customer's attitudes to ….“


  • "In need to know what our customers regard as important when making decisions


  • "I want to find out the extent to which the potential customers know our company.“


  • "In need  to improve the company's performance


  • "Do you know how to give me suggestions as how to increase my profit rates“?


  • "We'd like to find new customers for our existing products?“


  • "Our feeling is that we have a wide range of goods. Are you able to optimize it?


  • "We'd need to devise the company's price policy


  • "We feel the customers' needs undergo a change, but not knowing them exactly. Are you able to find out all of them?“


  • "We need to be informed of our competitors: what and for how much they sell, their market shares, etc.“


  • "Are you able to help us find and resolve our company's weaknesses?"


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Latest news
Ask the public how they see it
calendar 21.04.2020
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The market changed. Do you really know how your customers' behavior and shopping habits changed? Find it out before it is late.

Hidden Profits Analysis
calendar 16.04.2020
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Thematic research plan 2019-2020
Thematic research plan 2019-2020
calendar 04.10.2019
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Introducing a plan of thematic research for the end of 2019-2020. If you are interested in any of the topics, please inquire. Moreover, if you order in time, you can get better terms and the opportunity to add your individual questions to the questionnaire ...

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