Focus group

A qualitative research - discussion in groups

Detail, in-depth information?

moderator → group of respondents 

Qualitative details

 Focus group – group-aimed research – qualitative type

Mostly used to provide the company with a detail insight into the factors on the basis of which their customer is making decisions.

The respondents are invited to take part in a group discussion where they are polled, through the moderator, about the topics prepared in advance. The research will suit the companies in need to know not only the opinion, but also the reasons, causes, relationships. This is a deeper insight into the polled person's thought. But no shares can be derived or conclusions quantified from it as the research is made with a much smaller sample of respondents.

Examples of this type of research and its uses:

  • purchasing process – the steps the customer will take to select a product
  • product functionality or appearance evaluation
  • product usage
  • understanding of broader, product-related context

This research will suit those of you who want details of an entity (customer, supplier, etc.)

The NEUBERT marketing can include the analysis which will explain the relationships between the findings and the recommendations as to what the company should do.



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