In all of our activities we are working with more than  60 entities which form a compact whole.
At least from time to time we are entrusting tasks to additional 
 1,500 marvelous people (inquirers and respondents)

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Join us via the link Inquirer/Respondent or select one of the below forms

On-line respondent 

Once at a time (depending on the research orientation) you'll find an on-line questionnaire in your e-mail inbox. If you fill it in and send it off, you'll forthwith receive a number of points, depending on the questionnaire length, difficulty, or thematic orientation, mostly bound on the questionnaire length. You can get to know the number of points you'll get from the information we'll e-mail you when inviting you to take part in the research. We'll, from time to time, credit the points to your account we'll make accessible to you via e-mail. Having enough points you can then select a material reward from the choice available in our patronizing program (the points awarded can be exchanged for material rewards such as a smart clock, mobile phone, tablet, mixer or numerous other products). More information will be emailed you.

Discussion Group Respondent

Your (part-time) job will include discussion on a particular topics. I. e. you'll be invited to take part in a group session (of ca 10 people) where the moderator will ask you and others about a particular topic, such as what's the detergent you use, where do you buy it, why there and not anywhere else. etc. You'll receive a reward for taking part in discussion group at the level depending on the number of hours spent by discussing. Based on this application form we'll rank you in among the respective respondents to address you at the point when we are about to hold the  research which best suits your personality.


External Inquirer

Are you a communicative, flexible person?

We strive to extend our team of external inquirers for occasional part-time jobs focused on a questionnaire-based market research in field.

If interested in more information or having quests, send us your C.V. and contact details, using best the form HERE or email us to info@neubertmarketing.cz . Mainly mention particular instances of experience in polling or the type of your education, job history. 

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Ask the public how they see it
calendar 21.04.2020
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The market changed. Do you really know how your customers' behavior and shopping habits changed? Find it out before it is late.

Hidden Profits Analysis
calendar 16.04.2020
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Thematic research plan 2019-2020
Thematic research plan 2019-2020
calendar 04.10.2019
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Introducing a plan of thematic research for the end of 2019-2020. If you are interested in any of the topics, please inquire. Moreover, if you order in time, you can get better terms and the opportunity to add your individual questions to the questionnaire ...

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