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A quantitative research carried out in field

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Field Research - Research by polling – for quality

This is a descriptive research and data collection. Mostly used to provide the company with more knowledge on public awareness, on their customers, preferences, and attitudes.

Examples of this research uses:

  • awareness of the company
  • acceptability of prices
  • market shares
  • purchase locations
This research will suit those of you who want to know the view held by a larger group of people and to quantify the market shares from such information. 

The NEUBERT Marketing may even include the analysis which explains the relationships between the findings and the recommendations as to what the company should do.

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Ask the public how they see it
calendar 21.04.2020
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The market changed. Do you really know how your customers' behavior and shopping habits changed? Find it out before it is late.

Hidden Profits Analysis
calendar 16.04.2020
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Thematic research plan 2019-2020
Thematic research plan 2019-2020
calendar 04.10.2019
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Introducing a plan of thematic research for the end of 2019-2020. If you are interested in any of the topics, please inquire. Moreover, if you order in time, you can get better terms and the opportunity to add your individual questions to the questionnaire ...

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